M+ Internship Programme

M+ Internship Programme

The M+ Internship Programme is a unique opportunity for those who are interested in developing a career in the museum field. Interns work closely with the M+ team full time for a period of one year, gaining both practical and theoretical training.

In addition to working on specific projects under the supervision of their mentors, interns learn from curators and senior members of the team in a series of sharing sessions. Internships are paid and run on a recurring basis, with openings every year. Internships are offered in the following departments:

Curatorial Internship
  • Curatorial
  • Digital Programme
  • Learning and Interpretation
Museum Operations Department
  • Museum Operations

Curatorial Internship
This internship offers training for those interested in gaining curatorial experience in a museum setting. Working with a curator as their mentor, each intern contributes to upcoming exhibitions and other curatorial initiatives that are being planned in anticipation of the opening of the museum building, around the areas of design and architecture, Hong Kong visual culture, moving image, and visual art.

Digital Programme Internship
The internship with the Digital Programme offers an opportunity to learn about the ways museums integrate and develop technologies to engage audiences across platforms. The intern gains practical experience in storytelling, audience engagement, and developing digital content. Working with a digital producer as their mentor, the intern participates in projects including online platforms, in-gallery technologies, and content development.

Learning and Interpretation Internship
This internship offers the opportunity to take part in shaping learning programmes that are aimed to build relationships with museum audiences through visual culture. Working with a curator as their mentor, the intern contributes to the development of programmes that encourage active participation from different audience groups, as well as to the creation of rich, accessible museum content and experiences.

Museum Operations Internship
This internship provides an opportunity to learn about the complexities of planning, building, opening, and running a major museum in Hong Kong. Under the mentorship of professionals from the Museum Operations department, interns gain familiarity with key operations decisions that address the needs of visitors, exhibitions, the building, and museum business and that ensure a world-class museum experience. The internship covers various areas including retail, visitor experience, security, project management, and business planning and budgeting.

Intake 2020
Internships take place from September 2020 to September 2021

Candidates must be permanent residents of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region at the time of appointment unless specified otherwise.

Application is now closed