2013, Single-channel video installation, 10 min

Commissioned by the Sharjah Art Foundation, this hauntingly beautiful video installation represents a dynamic collaboration between Apichatpong Weerasethakul and Chaisiri Jiwarangsan. Shot in black and white, Dilbar, which means ‘full of hearts’ in Bengali and is the name of the film’s main protagonist, depicts the lifeless setting faced by a labourer from Bangladesh as he tries to earn a living in the United Arab Emirates. Against the orchestrated sounds of dripping water and mechanical pounding, the dream-like, almost ghostly aura of the young man is seen drifting between walls and hovering above the city centre, powerfully portraying the faint silhouette of the largely invisible migrant workforce in the UAE.

Photo courtesy of Kick the Machine Films and kurimanzutto, mexico city

@Midtown POP