The Political Equator

2015, Mixed-media installation, Dimension variable

Born in Guatemala City, architect Teddy Cruz’s practice integrates architecture and urbanism to focus on the politics of the San Diego—Tijuana border. In 2000, he founded the California-based Estudio Teddy Cruz as a vehicle to re-develop local communities in his area, with an emphasis on informality, sustainability, social connection and multiculturalism. The Political Equator is Cruz’s ambitious attempt at re-visioning a new border in the world based on geopolitical power ties. By expanding the San Diego—Tijuana border horizontally across the North American, European and Asian continents, the resulting imaginary border curiously reveals similar spaces of political conflicts in different regions of the world, and critically explores the post-911 geography as developed by American military strategist Thomas P.M. Barnett.

Photo courtesy of Estudio Teddy Cruz

@Midtown POP