2014, Flash animation single-channel video, 19 min 23 sec

Using Flash animation techniques, Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries (YHCHI) often synchronises fictional narratives in the form of fast-paced texts against the rhythms of jazz music. Miss DMZ was initially created for an exhibition at the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) separating North (DPRK) and South Korea. Countering their emotional resistance to visit the DPRK, YHCHI narrates a story of a journey into one of the tunnels beneath the DMZ and transforms this potentially dangerous destination into a surreal site of duty-free shopping. Similar to Miss DMZ, WA’AD examines the prolific iconography of science fiction. Through fictional transmissions between an astronaut on Mars and her friends on Earth, the work is an absurd tale about the search for utopia and the human need for connection.

Photo courtesy of YHCHI

@Midtown POP