The Sky of Brooklyn: Digging a Hole in Beijing

1995, Proposal and documentation, Video (3 min, looped), Four C-prints and hand-drawn sketch (56 x 78 cm each)

The Sky of Brooklyn: Digging a Hole in Beijing by Wang Gongxin is arguably one of the earliest first works in China to explore the concept of site-specificity. Based on his experience of living in Beijing and New York, and inspired by the American slang phrase ‘to dig a hole to China’, the artist dug a 3.5-metre-deep hole in his own home within which he placed a video monitor playing footage of the Brooklyn sky inside. The work reveals Wang’s personal encounter with the cultural and political disparity between the two places, highlighting the ambiguous relationship between China and the outside world during the early 1990s. 

Photo courtesy of the artist and Lin & Wang Art Studio

@Midtown POP