The M+ collection strategy is shaped by three points: time period, geography, and an interdisciplinary focus.


Time Period

M+ adopts a flexible definition of time period, taking into consideration the nature of the work, the discipline, and the preferred form of presentation. Our discussions of chronology  address new trends and current research in visual culture, with the intention to echo the hybrid and contemporary nature of our position and our work.



The M+ Collections can be seen as a set of concentric circles, an expression of geographical relationships in a globalised world.

The visual culture of Hong Kong forms the core of the collections, represented by seminal works from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The collections feature works by established figures as well as emerging talents, reflecting historical developments and contemporary narratives of cultural production. Building outward from Hong Kong, the collections include a rich and extensive body of work from mainland China, elsewhere in Asia, and the rest of the world.


Interdisciplinary Focus

Contemporary cultural production often takes places across or between disciplines. Many of the most interesting practices today involve creative pollination across the fields of design and architecture, moving image, and visual art. This is a global trend, but it is especially apparent in the fluid creative climates of Hong Kong and of Asia more broadly, where collaborations and crossovers flourish.

The tendency towards interdisciplinary practice in recent years has challenged existing understandings—largely Euro-American constructions—of clearly defined categories.The M+ Collections reflect the significance of contemporary conversations and exchanges across disciplines. M+ adopts an expansive and inclusive view of contemporary visual culture, while acknowledging the specificities and histories of each discipline, genre, and practice.