M+ has reached the point of physical completion with final fixtures now underway. Work will now focus on the construction of internal fittings and fixtures, including the installation of the M+ Collections and preparing the museum to open later this year

The design of M+ will incorporate latest proven technologies and encourage sustainability to be adopted in the development. M+ shall target to become a "Low Carbon and Low Energy" landmark venue in the district.

Green building and energy saving design shall be considered for both collection and non-collection areas where practicable in M+.

Throughout the whole development of the M+ building, we will endeavour to follow the BEAM Plus (a comprehensive environmental assessment scheme widely adopted in Hong Kong, similar to BREEAM and LEED ) as far as practicable for sustainable building design features.

Emphasis will be put on Integrated Sustainable Building Design (ISBD) for the whole M+ development - integrating architectural, construction, mechanical, electrical and other technical disciplines throughout the design process for M+, in order to minimize energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emission.