M+ Internship Programme is a unique opportunity for those who are interested in developing a career in the museum field. Interns will be able to work closely with M+’s professional staff full-time for a period of one year and gain practical and theoretical training.

Besides working on their specific projects under the supervision of their assigned mentors, the interns will also have the chance to learn from curators and senior members of the team in a series of sharing sessions. This is a paid internship that runs on a recurring basis, with openings every year. The internship is available in the following areas: CuratorialCollections Management and Conservation.

Curatorial internship

The Curatorial Internships provide hands-on training for people who are interested in gaining curatorial experience in a museum setting. Working under the supervision of one of our curators as their mentor, the interns will be assisting them on upcoming exhibitions and curatorial initiatives, digital projects, and learning and interpretation programmes.

Collections Management Internship

The Collections Management Intern will work under the supervision of a M+ Registrar. The internship will provide the intern with the opportunity to develop practical skills in a museum environment and to learn how curatorial and collections professionals are involved in the process of building and maintaining an active collection. The internship will also provide interns with the opportunity to inspect the areas of archives, exhibition and database management at M+.

Conservation internship

The Conservation Intern will work under the supervision of a M+ Conservator. The internship will provide the intern with the opportunity to gain an understanding of the role of Conservation within the museum environment and to learn about main issues related to preventative conservation and basic conservation treatment of a growing collection.

Internship Schedule: 

For Intake 2019, please stay tuned for more updates.

Intake 2018 (Application Closed)
Duration: July 2018 to July 2019*
*Dates slightly negotiable

For more information, please contact Ms. Kiffany Lee (852) 2200 0013.

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