Welcome offer: Become a member of M+ Pioneers within January 2020 to enjoy a limited-time offer of 15 per cent discount on your first purchase at the M+ Shop until 31 January 2020 

M+ Pioneers membership allows you greater access to everything M+, and places you at the forefront of supporting and engaging with the world-class museum we are rapidly creating. Sign up now and be a pioneer in supporting our historic opening venture.

Becoming an M+ Pioneer provides you with an exclusive experience of the museum. As an M+ Pioneer, you will:

  • be the first to see exhibitions at the M+ Pavilion
  • gain deeper insight into M+’s programmes and collections through exclusive talks and exhibition tours led by curators
  • go behind the scenes with visits to artists’ studios
  • stay in the know in the lead-up to the opening of the museum building
  • receive a 10 per cent discount at the M+ Shop
  • receive a 15 per cent discount with any purchase of two tickets to M+ Screenings

Since its launch in 2016, M+ Pioneers has grown into a close-knit and vibrant community with a shared enthusiasm about our vision for M+.

Membership costs $500 and is valid for 12 months from payment date.

Ways to join

  1. Sign Up Online
  2. Visit the M+ Pavilion and M+ staff will assist you