M+ embraces the practice of open access, and we are working towards releasing as much of our collections data as possible. Our goal is to unlock the museum’s institutional knowledge and make it available in the public domain. Read more about our open access journey here.

We are making the M+ Collections accessible and available online through:


About the M+ Collections Beta

The M+ Collections Beta website offers multiple ways for you to interact with and explore the collections. This evolving website will be updated as more content becomes available.


About the M+ Open Data Set

Textual metadata on the M+ Collections is available online on our GitHub repository and through our public API. The data set is offered under the CC0 1.0 Universal License.

By releasing this data set into the public domain, we are empowering the public to use it freely. The individuals who use this data will own the intellectual property in their projects. The views, thoughts, and opinions they express as a result belong solely to them and do not necessarily represent or reflect those of M+.

M+ Collections images are not available for use in the public domain.


Use of Images

M+ has an ongoing programme of copyright and permissions research, and makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that images published do not infringe individual copyrights. If you have any queries regarding rights related to the works in our collections, or if you wish to use any of the images of a work, please contact rights@mplus.org.hk, stating the title and author of the work.