We hope our unconventional museum learning experience evokes a sense of wonder in students. In the years leading to the building’s opening, we will expand our school outreach effort to showcase the museum as a resource for educators and students.

M+ Rover
M+ Rover, our first major school outreach programme, is a pop-up exhibition and learning space in a mobile trailer that will travel to secondary schools and community spaces. Through direct engagement with annually commissioned artists and creative practitioners, it delivers personal, disparate, and unexpected encounters with contemporary visual culture.

As M+ Rover travels and transforms, it may take form as a workshop studio, an exhibition space, a mobile screening unit, or a performance stage. It offers grand possibilities for alternative modes of informal learning and teaching. Participating schools will receive a teacher’s resource pack developed by M+ and the collaborators, which can aid teachers when they design their curriculum and also continue the exploratory spirit of M+ Rover at school.


M+ Outreach Access 2018
‘M+ Outreach Access’ is M+’s first programme particularly designed for students in special schools. Through an interactive outreach workshop and a customised guided tour, students are encouraged to discover different ways of understanding contemporary visual culture and to explore their own relationship with it.

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