Fellowship Presentation  |  Panel Discussion

Fellowship Presentation

Hong Kong Architecture in the Videogame Vernacular  |  Hugh Davies

Featured in over 150 titles, Hong Kong is curiously over-represented in videogames. Spanning nostalgic depictions of Kowloon Walled City to futuristic projections in the cyberpunk style, the visual reflections of Hong Kong exceed the territory on which they are based. What accounts for these prolific virtual depictions, and how do they correspond to the actual location? Discussing the intersection of the so-called ‘ludic century’ and the ‘Asian century’, this presentation explores representations of Hong Kong in digital games, and in doing so, reveals implications for the city as both a global hub and a cultural object.

Making Space for Play: From Shek Lei Playground to Twentieth-Century Hong Kong Playscapes  |  Fan Lok Yi and Sampson Wong

The first public playgrounds appeared in nineteenth-century Europe and the United States. It was not until the late 1920s that Hong Kong started to build its own public playgrounds. Like their Western counterparts, Hong Kong playgrounds have gone through stages of evolution over the last century, and have become exciting experimental spaces that sit at the intersection of urban planning, architecture, landscape design, product design, art, education, and child psychology. This talk addresses the creation of non-standard public playgrounds in Hong Kong in the second half of the twentieth century. The case study of Shek Lei Playground, which opened in 1969, accompanied by a discussion of other playscapes from subsequent decades, illustrates the development of Hong Kong’s playground design in relation to local societal factors and the global playground movement.

Panel Discussion
Hugh Davies in conversation with Marie Foulston, moderated by Ikko Yokoyama

Fan Lok Yi and Sampson Wong in conversation with Thomas Chung, moderated by Shirley Surya