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Artists of Yuanmingyuan / Post-Sense Sensibility: Alien Bodies & Delusion / Art for Sale / The Dusk of Teheran

13 Mar (Sun), 5:10pm

Artists of Yuanmingyuan (1995)
33 min, Mandarin with English subtitles, digital, China

Enter the 1990s—the dawn of the age of market economics in China. Many artists became freelance professionals. These individuals, operating outside of the official system, gathered in an area of Beijing near the Yuanmingyuan ruins. Some people considered their paintings incomprehensible, and their work unsettled the government and the police. In 1994, the artists were forced to give up their community.

Hu Jie (Chinese, born 1958) is an independent documentarian living in Nanjing. He seeks to record the people, events, and histories overlooked by the public in order to compel audiences to re-examine painful memories.

Courtesy of Hu Min
Post-Sense Sensibility: Alien Bodies & Delusion (1999) / Art for Sale (1999)
47 min | 45 min, Mandarin with Chinese subtitles, digital, China

On the eve of the twenty-first century, mainstream ideology in China remained sceptical of contemporary art, which had begun to show hints of commercialisation in the context of globalisation. A group of young artists, fresh from university, decided to try a different strategy: they staged a series of guerrilla-style exhibitions. Post-Sense Sensibility: Alien Bodies & Delusion, in Beijing, and Art for Sale, in Shanghai, were two major examples of their approach. As a participant in and a documentarian of these exhibitions, Kan Xuan uses her innate subjectivity to portray the major figures and events.

Kan Xuan (Chinese, born 1972) is a video artist who lives in Beijing. Her artworks use distinctive visual angles to explore linguistic structures, cultural connotations, and the relationships between people and objects.
The Dusk of Teheran (2014)
4 min, Persian with Chinese and English subtitles, digital, China

In Iran, women must wear headscarves, and female singers cannot perform in public. Chinese artist Tao Hui invites an Iranian woman to re-enact an emotional monologue from Hong Kong Pop legend Anita Mui's farewell tour.

Tao Hui (Chinese, born 1987) is a video artist who lives and works in Beijing. In his work, he uses sentimental techniques to examine the formation of various social structures, and how individuals operate and navigate within them.

Courtesy of the artist and AIKE-DELLARCO

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