Still from Steven Chivers, Catherine de Medicis Part 2, 1984
Courtesy the artist and LUX

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Before and After Science

9 Jul (Sat), 3:40pm

Before and After Science
74 min, English, DCP, United Kingdom

Grayson Perry, Anna Thew, and Steven Chivers conjure strange, new, lo-fi worlds with the help of close friends and collaborators, resisting both modern Christian patriarchy and the conventions of traditional movie-making. Folk tales and arcane beliefs are reimagined on Super 8 and London is turned into a bleak, austere, post-apocalyptic world.

Lost for Words, UK, 1980, dir. Anna Thew, 26 min.
The Green Witch and Merry Diana, UK, 1984, dir. Grayson Perry, 20 min.
Men Without Hats: Safety Dance, UK, 1982, dir. Tim Pope, 3 min.
Catherine De Medicis Part 2, UK, 1984, dir. Steven Chivers, 25 min.

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