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Belated Punctum: La Jetée 2 / Meteorites / Dogtooth

3 Dec (Sat), 7:30pm

Belated Punctum: La Jetée 2 (2015)
16 min, Mandarin with Chinese and English subtitles, Digital, Taiwan

Slideshow Cinema is an important series of works in the oeuvre of Taiwanese director Kao Chung-li. His new film, Belated Punctum: La Jetée 2, is the seventh instalment of this series. Drawing on Chris Marker’s 1962 film La Jetée, Kao uses audio mixing, literature, photographs, and film negatives to explore the physical conditions and constraints of image, as well as how concepts such as afterimage and possibilities of time produce new consciousness and history.

Kao Chung-li (Taiwan, b. 1958) is a photographer and filmmaker who is known for combining film, photography, sculpture, installation, and other disparate elements in his work. He is also skilled at using personal stories to reflect upon national history.
Meteorites (2007)
16 min, Thai with English subtitles, DCP, Thailand

Thailand’s Ministry of Culture commissioned this film as part of the Thai monarch’s eightieth birthday celebration. The film oscillates between footage of the director’s hometown of Khon Kaen, the daily lives of his family members, and his own dreams of the sea to form a lyrical message about freedom and peace.

Apichatpong Weerasethakul (Thailand, b. 1970) is a director and filmmaker based in Chiang Mai. His films draw on the social and political realities of everyday life, pairing this material with surreal stories that highlight his interest in taboo subjects.
Dogtooth (2009)
96 min, Greek with English subtitles, 35mm, Greece

An authoritarian mother and father build an enclosing wall to limit their children’s activities, sever communication with the outside world, and educate their offspring with distorted information in hopes of giving them an uncontaminated life. For the three siblings, cut off from the outside world since birth, their home videos are the greatest form of entertainment even though they have seen them enough times to know them by heart. In their minds, the planes in the sky are mere toys, and zombies are a type of yellow flower.

Yorgos Lanthimos (Greece, b. 1973) is a film and stage director. His works explore the absurdity of life in a Social Realist style with a particularly profound focus on ethical relations and social constructs.

Dogtooth has been classified as a Category III film, only viewers who are 18 years old or above will be admitted.

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