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Blue and Red / Bitter, Sweet, Seoul

16 Jan (Sat), 5:55pm

Blue and Red (2014)
Zhou Tao, 24 min., DCP, China
M+ Collection

Lovers embracing in a field; crowds revelling through the night; people waving their arms in unison; an assembly of meditators sitting in silence on the ground; the unpopulated scenery of a mining region. Zhou Tao's lens traverses Guangzhou, Bangkok, and an exurban mining site, taking the pulse of movement and stillness in these three locales from an outsider's perspective, and capturing the lights and shadows of blue and red.

Zhou Tao (Chinese, born 1976) is an artist who lives and works in Guangzhou. He often juxtaposes different elements of reality in his works to create surreal settings, where the notion of otherness constantly shifts in the fast-changing modern world.
Bitter, Sweet, Seoul (2014)
PARKing CHANce, 63 min., digital, Korea

The collective PARKing CHANce, formed by Park Chan-wook and Park Chan-kyong, collaborated with the city government of Seoul in 2013 to make this crowd-sourced film about the South Korean capital. They selected 141 of the 11,852 submissions they received, interspersing these clips with footage of warfare and street protests to create a documentary. There is no clear storyline, but the ingenious combination of diverse perspectives reveal the true face of Seoul.

PARKing CHANce is a collective established by the filmmaking brothers Park Chan-wook (Korean, born 1963) and Park Chan-kyong (Korean, born 1965). Using unconventional methods and approaches, such as iPhones and crowd-sourced footage, they create films that are at once intimate and collective.

Courtesy of the Moho Film

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