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Home Taping

8 Jul (Fri), 9:30pm

Home Taping
75 min, English, DCP, United Kingdom

The mainstream media was treated like a giant library to be plundered for provocative play and subversion in the early 1980s. Whether filming their TV screen with a Super 8 camera or deftly copying tape-to-tape, artists grabbed and juxtaposed disparate material to disrupt the dominant ideologies of the age and create new visual music. The programme includes notable examples of the Scratch Video phenomenon.

The Attitude Assumed: Still Life with Still Born, UK, 1980, dir. Cerith Wyn Evans, 19 min.
Skinheads and Roses, UK, 1983, dir. Jill Westwood, 7 min.
Pop Dolphin, UK, c.1983, dir. Jeffrey Hinton, 23 min.
Tilt, UK, 1984, dir. George Barber, 6 min.
Branson, UK, 1983, dir. George Barber, 2 min.
Blue Monday, UK, 1984, dir. Duvet Brothers, 4 min.
The Commander in Chief, UK, 1984, dir. Gorilla Tapes, 4 min.
Art of Noise: Legs, UK, 1985, dir. George Barber and George Snow, 6 min.
Passion Triptych, UK, 1982, dir. Cordelia Swann, 4 min.

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