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Just Images

9 Jul (Sat), 2:00pm

Just Images
81 min, English, DCP, United Kingdom

The moral, political, and symbolic integrity of the image itself is interrogated and overturned in these richly textured films. John Maybury casts Siouxsie Sioux and fashion designer David Holah in one of the singularly most stunning and ambitious Super 8 works of the era: the existential gender bending Court of Miracles. Young filmmakers bring on the postmodern age.

The Court of Miracles, UK, 1982, dir. John Maybury, 44 min.
Glory Boys?, UK, 1983, dir. Vanda Carter, 4 min.
Territories, UK, 1984, dir. Isaac Julien, 24 min.
Psychic TV: Unclean, UK, 1984, dir. Cerith Wyn Evans and John Maybury, 9 min.

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