Watch M+ Rover 2018 participants' responses

Teachers’ Responses

‘The presence of this truck at the school has brought something new to students. Teachers and students love to be there. I think it is an environment, an installation with content that facilitates close communication with the artist, as well as interactions with educators and assistants that surprised us a lot’.

‘The “Thing beyond Things” workshop is not only about creative thinking, but also about how students understand one thing with more than one perspective. The workshop helped us to rethink whether we should label an object or even a person with the simple words “useful” or “useless”.’

‘I never thought that we could have had so much fun in the park. I even realised that the way I played in the park as a child could be thought of as creating a work of art. It reminded me of my memories and of the attitude I had in the past’.

Students’ Response

‘I found that the idea of “art” can be as simple as “I can do what I want.”’

‘Everything just looked mundane to me, but now everything is looking so “playful”’.

‘When I doubted whether my idea was feasible, Ah Hei (the artist) told me, “There is no absolute right or wrong in art creation. You must try it yourself and the answer will follow.”’

‘Nothing is unchangeable. Just a little transformation and reconstruction can change the value of things’.

‘I learned that art creation is driven by your impressions of things and of yourself. This has nothing to do with economic and materialistic values’.

‘The function of an object is not constant; it can change and respond to people’s ways of life’.

‘I learned more about how to create new possibilities through deconstructing and reconstructing an object’.

‘This is the first time I have cooperated with others in art making. Unlike individual creation, this experience taught me to listen to others and sometimes compromise’.

‘Ah Hei (the artist) taught us that it’s okay not to make a draft. You might think of many things, but you need to try things out so you don’t get too bogged down. You might even come up with more ideas in the process’.

‘How important is talent for an artist?’

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Participating Artist

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