Date Screening Programme  

2 Dec (Fri) 7:30pm

No Home Movie

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2 Dec (Fri) 9:45pm

Is There Anything Specific You Want Me to Tell You About?
Video Letters 1-2
May You Live in Interesting Times
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3 Dec (Sat) 3:55pm

Minsan Isang Panahon (Once Upon a Time)
Class Picture
Start from Zero
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3 Dec (Sat) 7:30pm

Belated Punctum: La Jetée 2

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4 Dec (Sun) 2:20pm

Shape of a Right Statement
Stateless Things
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4 Dec (Sun) 4:35pm

La Ciénaga
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4 Dec (Sun) 6:40pm

A Magical Substance Flows into Me
The Stuart Hall Project
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