M+ Summer Camp is a youth-targeted initiative organised by M+. With the theme of ‘far out’, this year’s summer camp inspires young people to think freely when in search of future directions or in their exploration of their own sense of self, to break free from homogeneous lifestyles and values and to rethink the nature of creative practices and the possibilities of cross-disciplinary approaches. Can art making be a flight of imagination and be connected to real life at the same time? Can the sound in our surroundings become a work of art? Can architecture tell stories? Can social media platforms be a source of inspiration for ink painters? At this summer camp, practitioners in the fields of visual art, design, architecture, illustration, and moving image will challenge the common conceptions of creative practices, and let young people realise their creative thoughts through different experiments, merging whimsical endeavors with the everyday.

In Chinese, the summer camp’s theme is feifei (非非), and the word fei (非) on its own suggests negation. The repetition of fei may at first glance suggest a double negative, but we hope to show that it does not always mean ‘yes’—just as the world is not one thing or the other, nor is it black or white. We can open up boundless possibilities, if we only break away from binary mindsets and see the world from different perspectives. Between black and white, there are countless shades of grey that can coalesce into a dynamic picture.

Just like the previous three summer camps, one hundred secondary-school students and arts practitioners will come together for a four-day camp this summer, on a shared journey of exploration, conversations, fun, and experience. The inspirations of one hundred people might not create immediate change, but over these four days of creative freedom, we hope young people can let their imaginations run free, to bring home different approaches and attitudes to being alive to the world and to see their wildest dreams become reality one day.

Camp activities include indoor and outdoor workshops, talks, sharing sessions, and performances conducted in small groups or all together. Participants can choose workshops according to their interests and shape their own camp experience. M+ Summer Camp welcomes young people who are adventurous, open-minded, and curious about the world around them. No prior knowledge of arts and crafts is needed.

Visit our activity highlights page and watch the video for a glimpse of the fun activities from M+ Summer Camp 2018.

12 – 15 August 2018

Camp Location:
Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Jockey Club Sai Kung Outdoor Training Camp

Target Participants:
Local students currently in Secondary 4 to Secondary 6



Application for M+ Summer Camp 2018 is now closed. Thank you for the support!

youth@mplus.org.hk / (852) 2200 0305

*Applicants who have financial difficulties can apply for fee exemption.

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