“Mobile M+: Inflation!” is the fourth pre-opening “nomadic” exhibitions curated by M+, the new museum for visual culture at the West Kowloon Cultural District.

Occupying the site of the forthcoming park of the District next to the future building of M+, the large-scale inflatable sculptures by Cao Fei (China), Choi Jeong Hwa (South Korea), Jeremy Deller (UK), JIAKUN ARCHITECTS (China), Paul McCarthy (USA), and Tam Wai Ping (Hong Kong) presented here pose questions about the nature of public art and the ways in which audiences might engage with it.

These works, accompanied by a performance piece by Tomás Saraceno (Argentina), may evoke associations that seem familiar, jarring, or both. Together, they explore the ever-changing notions of nature and artifice, intimacy and monumentality, permanence and temporariness, as well as beauty and the grotesque in the realm of constructed landscapes.

By transforming the current site into a (con)temporary sculpture park of inflatables, “Mobile M+: Inflation!” attempts to consider how certain realities and preconceptions around art in public space can be altered, undermined and challenged in the context of an evolving and endlessly mutating cultural and urban landscape.

25 April – 09 June 2013

12pm - 7pm (Tuesday - Thursday)
11am - 8pm (Friday - Sunday & Public Holidays)
10am – 8pm (During Art Basel Hong Kong, 23 May - 26 May 2013)
Closed on Mondays

West Kowloon Cultural District

(852)2200 0204m+@mplus.org.hk

Performance Piece By Tomás Saraceno:
Tomás Saraceno's time-based performance will be staged at dawn on the following days:
4 May 2013 (Saturday) 4:30am - 5:30am
25 May 2013 (Saturday) 4:30am - 5:30am
8 June 2013 (Saturday) 4:30am - 5:30am

Performances will take place on the exhibition site. Audience is invited to participate in the process of inflation.

Performance is subject to weather condition.

Guided Tours:
2pm - 3pm Cantonese
4pm - 5pm English
5pm - 6pm Cantonese

2pm - 3pm Cantonese
4pm - 5pm English

School groups and special docent tours are also available on weekdays upon request. Please submit the application form at least ten days in advance.

Artist Talks:
18 May 2013 (Saturday) 4pm - 5:30pm Tam Wai Ping (Cantonese)
25 May 2013 (Saturday) 11am - 12:30pm Cao Fei (Mandarin)

M+ Mound

Cantonese and English simultaneous interpretation will be provided, each session lasts for 90 mins.

Thematic performances & workshops
M+ has invited artists, composers and members of the community to respond to the themes of “Mobile M+:Inflation!” and the artworks through a series of performances and workshops over the weekends. Each weekend’s programme is based on a different theme throughout the exhibition period.

Free admission. Find out more at the M+ Mound - the main programme and information venue on the site of the exhibition.

Saturday interpretive performances
Curated by William Lane of Hong Kong New Music Ensemble in collaboration with M+ Education Team.

Next to each artwork

Sunday Workshops

M+ Mound

Weekend 1 / Reality and Fantasy

Date and Time:
28 April 2013 (Sunday) 2pm - 5pm

Through A Different Lens (Cantonese) [Family Workshop]

Create your own special visual tools at this family workshop and view the inflatable sculptures through a different lens.

Led by: Ki Wong (Lecturer, Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University)

Weekend 2 / Ephemerality and Permanence

Date and Time:
04 May 2013 (Saturday) 3pm - 4pm

As Above, So Below

Based on the Theory of Spheres by Pythagoras and other Greek philosophers, this site-specific performance combines Sascia Pellegrini’s composition with the unique structure and building materials of the work by JIAKUN ARCHITECTS.

Performers: Sascia Pellegrini/ Hong Kong New Music Ensemble (HKNME)

Date and Time:
05 May 2013 (Sunday) 2pm - 5pm

Build Your Own Inflatable (English)

Consider the ephemeral along with the permanent as you construct your own large inflatable sculpture-structure. Workshop will encompass a diverse range of art practices including construction, installation, performance and animation.

Led by: Thomas Tsang (Assistant Professor, University of Hong Kong Department of Architecture)

Weekend 3 / Nature and Artifice

Date and Time:
11 May 2013 (Saturday) 3pm - 4pm

The Audio Lotus

Watch the “audio lotus” - a walking sound sculpture inspired by Benoît Maubrey's "audio peacock" and Choi Jeong Hwa’s work.

Designers: ESKYIU
Sound Artist: Wong Chung-fai

Date and Time:
12 May 2013 (Sunday) 2pm - 4:30pm

Bonsai Recycled (Cantonese)

Explore the natural with the man-made as you create your personal miniature bonsai with recycled materials.

Led by: Hanison Lau (Artist)

Weekend 4 / The Monumental And Intimate

Date and Time:
18 May 2013 (Saturday) 3pm - 4pm

Towards, Backwards and Afterwards

Conceptually and musically composed around Tam Wai Ping’s work, Towards, Backwards and Afterwards is a tightly woven, freely rhythmic work for two marimbas and electronics based on the exploration of dialogue, interaction and contrast.

Composer: Steve Hui (NERVE)
Performers: HKNME / Steve Hui

Date and Time:
19 May 2013 (Sunday) 2pm - 4:30pm

Edible Family Portraits (Cantonese)

Create edible family portraits with your family in this bread-making workshop that incorporates basic knowledge on sculpture making.

Led by: Man Fung Yi & Mok Yat San (Artists)

Weekend 5 / The Comic And Ironic

Date and Time:
25 May 2013 (Saturday) 3pm - 4pm

Homage to A Suckling Pig

A newly-commissioned piece involving the use of electronics and biophysical music system, that interacts with Cao Fei’s work.

Composer: Lam Lai
Performer: Lam Lai / Parallax

Date and Time:
26 May 2013 (Sunday) 2pm - 4:30pm

Reality Reimagined (Cantonese)

Reveal your version of reality with your unique sense of humour and use of images from our everyday life through simple image transfer technique, collage and illustration.

Led by: Tse Yim On (Artist)

Weekend 6 / The Built And Unbuilt

Date and Time:
01 June 2013 (Saturday) 12pm - 4pm

Collecting / Making

A two-stage workshop involving "building" new, sustainable instruments using unwanted objects, with live electronic manipulation and taking the "process" as the performance; and using the instruments as part of an improvised performance.

Concept: William Lane / The Cave
Performers: HKNME / The Cave / Christian Action Chungking Mansions Service Centre and participants

Date and Time:
02 June 2013(Sunday) 2pm - 4:30pm

Before Buttering a Slice of Bread (Cantonese)

Join artist Tang Kwok Hin for a picnic on the future site of The Park of West Kowloon Cultural District and get creative with the utensils and containers! Artist will share his previous works and elaborate on the fine line between art and life.

Led by: Tang Kwok Hin (Artist)

Weekend 7 / Beauty And The Grotesque

Date and Time:
08 June 2013 (Saturday) 3pm - 4pm


Following the first stage of "collecting" and "making", this second stage will be a rehearsed performance using the constructed instruments, with elements of improvisation.

Performers: HKNME / The Cave / Christian Action Chungking Mansions Service Centre and participants

Date and Time:
09 June 2013 (Sunday) 12pm - 2:30pm

Beautifully Grotesque (Cantonese)

Pick up your paintbrush and record life with colour as a comic writer shows you how to look at the beauty of your surroundings through an alternative angle.

Led by: Rainbow Leung (Comic writer)

Date and Time:
09 June 2013 (Sunday) 4pm - 6:30pm

Beauty and the Groteque (English)

Join the Adrian Wong in creating real prosthetic limbs used to enact one-act meditation on beauty, through exploring concepts of the sublime, abjection and the carnivalesque.

Led by: Adrian Wong (Artist)

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