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Shape of a Right Statement / Stateless Things

4 Dec (Sun), 2:20pm

Shape of a Right Statement (2008)
5 min, English, Digital, USA

In her performance series Full Body Quotation, Wu Tsang acts as a speech synthesiser, restaging the second half of Amanda Baggs’s 2007 YouTube manifesto In My Language. In this multi-layered work, the audience is left to wonder if Tsang is expressing the context of the original film or using its language to express herself.

Wu Tsang (USA, b. 1982) is a transgender video artist based in Los Angeles. She was raised in Massachusetts by a father from Chongqing, China, and a mother of Swedish American descent. Her cross-cultural heritage and gender identity have spurred her explorations of race, culture, and family.

Courtesy the artist and Isabella Bortolozzi
Stateless Things (2011)
115 min, Korean with English subtitles, Digital, South Korea

A young man named Jun escapes from North Korea and seeks a new life in the unfamiliar city of Seoul. Another young man, Hyeon, the kept lover of a married man, lives alone in a luxury apartment. These two people seeking to survive are like a pair of twins. The comfort of meeting each other, however, is not enough to dispel their feelings of powerlessness.

Kim Kyung-mook (South Korea, b. 1985) focuses his lens on the fringes of society as well as on gender and sexual discourses with reference to his own stories. His films seek to capture the solitude and isolation of individuals living in modern big cities.

Courtesy Kim Kyung Mook of Seoul

Stateless Things has been classified as a Category III film, only viewers who are 18 years old or above will be admitted.

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