• Shirley Tse: Stakes and Holders

    01.07.2020 to 01.11.2020, M+ Pavilion, Art Park

    Shirley Tse: Stakes and Holders presents sculptural work and installations by the Los Angeles–based Hong Kong artist Shirley Tse. The exhibition responds to Shirley Tse: Stakeholders, Hong Kong in Venice, Hong Kong’s presence at the Venice Biennale in 2019

  • M+ Matters and M+ International: Archigram Cities

    04.11.2020 to 21.11.2020

    In collaboration with the Department of Architecture at the University of Hong Kong and the Power Station of Art in Shanghai, ‘Archigram Cities’ is a series of online and offline events in November 2020, introducing Archigram’s work to new audiences

  • M+ Rover 2020–21

    The travelling creative studio has featured Wong Tin Yan’s commissioned work Yes but Why? on its tours to local primary school and community spaces, bringing teachers, students and public a series of learning activities and online educational resources