Through our youth initiatives, we hope to expand the imagination and develop potential through arts and creativity. We hope to establish long-term relationships to build a group of museum-goers from a young age.

M+ Summer Camp
M+ Summer Camp is one of our first youth-targeted initiatives. We invite practitioners of painting, photography, installation, design, architecture, illustration, film, writing, and performing arts to create programmes to engage young people. There is a new theme each year and we accept around a hundred participants. We encourage youth to enter into a dialogue about creative practice, and to depart from familiar ways of seeing, thinking, and doing. We want them to question preconceived notions and assumptions about art and art making.

The first summer camp in 2015, ‘Unframed,’ sparked the desire to learn and to take risks. We wish to continue implementing dynamic co-learning experiences that deepen an understanding of creative practice and process.

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