Online Sessions

Online Sessions

Online Sessions

Online Sessions

Online Sessions



Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, M+ Rover has temporarily suspended its tours to local schools and community spaces. To share the programme with teachers, students, and members of the public, we are working with Wong Tin Yan to develop a series of free online learning activities and educational resources based on his work Yes but Why?.


M+ Rover online sessions are composed of five parts:


(i) Wong Tin Yan: ‘Yes but Why?’ Dining Experience
(ii) Wong Tin Yan: ‘Yes but Why?’ Quiz Show
(iii) Teacher’s Resource Pack and online activities
(iv) Artist and curator in conversation
(v) Artist’s call for ideas


(i) Wong Tin Yan: ‘Yes but Why?’ Dining Experience


Continuing in the questioning spirit of the ‘Yes but Why?’ Quiz Show, artist Wong Tin Yan invites four primary school students to visit the ‘Yes but Why?’ restaurant for an unusual dining experience. With hidden cameras set up around the room, the students share their thoughts and doubts about the strange foods and eating utensils on the table, while the artist prompts them to ponder questions such as, ‘To eat, or not to eat?’ and ‘How to eat?’. Making an analogy between ‘eating’ and ‘learning’, the artist encourages viewers to rethink their habits and look for surprising ingredients in everyday life, so that they can cook up a delicious learning experience for themselves.







(ii) Wong Tin Yan: ‘Yes but Why?’ Quiz Show


Playing the role of the storyteller, artist Wong Tin Yan shares a story about learning and takes us into a fascinating world. It is a story about a quiz, in which students respond to a whimsical multiple-choice question. Everybody has an unusual and inventive idea—what is right, and what is wrong? Can we always find the answers in textbooks? Wong Tin Yan invites us to join him on a search for fresh and original perspectives.


The duration of video is about 8 minutes. Teachers can watch together with students during lesson period, or ask students to watch it at home. After watching, teachers can download the M+ Rover Teacher’s Resource Pack and Teaching Material on the programme webpage, to organise extended classroom activities and bring students a deeper understanding of the artist and his practice.







(iii) Teacher’s Resource Pack and online activities


Teachers can download a teacher’s resource pack and a set of online learning materials that accompany the programme. Designed to help teachers develop their lesson plans for online teaching, the toolkit provides information on extended themes, suggested activities, and discussion topics in relation to Wong Tin Yan’s work Yes but Why?.




Led by the participating artist, the online activities include interactive sound games, which make players more aware of the sounds around them. Through exploring the use of daily objects and experiencing the process of collective creation, students are encouraged to challenge perceptions and develop creative responses to the current pandemic situation. Teachers are welcome to click here to view highlights of the activities as the reference for their lesson plans.


(iv) Artist and curator in conversation


In this conversation, Stella Fong, Lead Curator, Learning and Interpretation, M+, invites artist Wong Tin Yan to discuss his work Yes but Why? and his reflections on issues related to art, education, city development, and his personal experiences during the process of creation. Teachers may use the video in their lessons to help students learn about the thematic exhibition and the creative journey of the artist.




(v) Artist’s call for ideas


During the pandemic, Wong Tin Yan poses a series of questions to himself that reflect on the relevance of art to life. ‘Why do we need art? What is its function?’ He responds to these questions by creating works with his own hands. In showing these works in videos, Wong encourages teachers, students, and the public to share their creative thoughts on Facebook and Instagram through the tag #YesButWhyChallenge. These ideas will be displayed around the exhibition space of M+ Rover during its tours across schools and communities in Hong Kong.


Artist’s call for ideas #1 







Artist’s call for ideas #2  







Special thanks to Yan Chai Hospital Choi Hin To Primary School for collaborating with artist Wong Tin Yan on the trial session of the online activities.