MURS means ‘Walls’ in Catalan (or in French). The show is based on the idea of invisible walls that separate us from each other.  Although the walls of the cold war have fallen, there are still many invisible walls that exist - economic, ethnic, technological - around us and within us.
The World of M.U.R.S.
The world of M.U.R.S. is a giant walled city that is segregated into 4 distinct zones - Security, Wellbeing, Fortune or Green-living, which you will walk-through one by one during the performance.
Fortune (Red)
UP or Down? UP or Down? We know that money doesn't buy happiness but let's be honest, more money doesn't exactly make us miserable, either.
Green-living (Green)
Using less water? Recycling? Weekend Farming?  What is the definition of "Green-living" and the meaning to you? 

Wellbeing (Blue)
Just shake it and shake it good! Burn calories while having fun! We want the "perfect" body, don't we?

Security (Yellow)
If you feel like life's too much to handle sometimes, don't bottle it up, vent it!

M.U.R.S. – What is a Smart Show?
A smart show is a live performance using digital technology as an essential tool for audience interactivity. In M.U.R.S., each one of you will have to download a specially-designed application onto your mobile phone before the show starts. During the show, you will receive instructions that allow you to interact with actors and audiences in the show, participate in the plot development, and make choices about your freedom.