Music in the Atrium

Music in the Atrium

Music in the Atrium

Music in the Atrium

Xiqu Centre Atrium



As a centre celebrating both cultural heritage and creative innovation, the Xiqu Centre presents free music performances in the Atrium by a diverse line-up of professional ensembles.


Our regular Chinese music series features styles including classical, folk and Chinese opera music, showcasing the versatility of traditional wind, string and percussion instruments.


Join us for a relaxing afternoon of Music in the Atrium!


Performances of Music in the Atrium will take place on weekends from September to November 2022.


Date Performing Troupes
2 October 2022 (Sunday) Refiner Drums
9 October 2022 (Sunday) Luo Jing Guzheng Ensemble
16 October 2022 (Sunday) Hong Kong Plucked String Chinese Orchestra


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