About “Mobile M+: NEONSIGNS.HK

Presented by M+, Hong Kong’s museum for visual culture, NEONSIGNS.HK is an interactive, online exhibition dedicated to exploring, mapping and documenting Hong Kong’s neon signs. The seventh in the Mobile M+ exhibition series, NEONSIGNS.HK invites the public to post images and stories of their favourite neon signs to its Neon Map, and to rediscover these compelling features of the city’s streetscapes from the perspectives of design and urbanism, visual art, cinema, literature and popular culture.

Alongside curatorially-produced essays, videos, slideshows and artist commissions, over 4,000 photos were submitted by the public from 21 March to 30 June 2014 to collectively create a unique neon map of Hong Kong. The site will remain as a lasting record and examination of Hong Kong's fast disappearing neon signs. 

NEONSIGNS.HK has expanded its platforms through a partnership with the Google Cultural Institute. Using new and existing content, two specially-curated online exhibitions offer further ways of looking at the visual culture of Hong Kong’s neon signs, as well as their past and present. The two exhibits include night-time Google Street Views, before-and-after images of Hong Kong’s neon-lit streets, and a unique series of panoramic night shots of the city. Visit the two exhibits ‘Electric City - The Neons of Hong Kong’ and ‘Hong Kong’s Neon Signs - Then and Now’ on GCI now.

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