The six giant inflatable sculptures and a performance piece by Tomás Saraceno at West Kowloon Cultural District have attracted record crowds, with 150,000 people visiting the Mobile M+ Inflation! exhibition during the past six weeks. 

From 25 April to 9 June 2013, Mobile M+: Inflation! was presented on the site of the Park at West Kowloon Cultural District - a fourteen hectare site devoted to arts programming next to M+, Hong Kong's future museum for visual culture. Monumental artworks of this scale have never been presented alongside one another in Hong Kong, making it one of the largest contemporary art exhibitions ever mounted in the city to date.

Mobile M+: Inflation! brought some of the most important works by internationally renowned artists created in recent years to the city for the first time including Jeremy Deller's Sacrilege - its first tour outside Europe, and Paul McCarthy's Complex Pile. It also featured newly commissioned artworks by local and regional artists Tam Wai Ping and Cao Fei.

Since its opening, Mobile M+: Inflation! becomes a hit in Hong Kong, provoking discussions on social media as well as printed media platforms. Response to the inflatable sculptures was particularly overwhelming in weekends, with families and art fans queueing to have a closer encounter with the artworks.

Dr Lars Nittve, M+ Executive Director of WKCDA, said it was encouraging to see so many people enjoying the exhibition and the extensive coverage and review in both local and overseas media.

"We've been delighted to see the fantastic responses to Inflation. It shows Hong Kong people are interested and curious about arts. What is more, on a deeper and more far-reaching level and as we have anticipated, the exhibition has prompted an interesting debate across social media, the press and on site with our exhibition docents on what is art in Hong Kong's context and the role of M+ in future for the community," Dr Nittve said.

"I warmly thank everyone who contributed to this success - artists, volunteers, visitors, participants in the workshops and interpretive performances," he added. "The success of Inflation sets the scene very well for the next Mobile M+ nomadic exhibition. Planning for that is already well under way and we will soon invite members of the public to join us again."

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