The West Kowloon Cultural District Authority (WKCDA) is pleased to announce its participation in the Hong Kong ∞Impression, jointly presented by the Development Bureau and the Planning Department at City Gallery in Central from today to 30 November 2017. 

The section devoted to the West Kowloon Cultural District (WKCD) named “Cultural Hong Kong”, welcomes visitors to the exhibition with an interactive model of the WKCD showcasing the Cultural District’s key features – the arts and cultural facilities under construction and being planned, the public spaces and waterfront promenade that provides stunning views of Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong Island; the comprehensive networks of public access and connectivity, and the future underground road that will help keep the district at street level a traffic free place for relaxing, strolling and cycling. 

A key focus of the exhibition is on the major architectural facilities that have been designed or under construction.  The Xiqu Centre, the WKCD’s very first major performing arts venue to be opened in 2018, is presented for the first time in a highly detailed 1:100 scale model that exposes the inside of the main theatre with its grand stage, auditorium, backstage and large public atrium. Alongside the Xiqu Centre model the latest Virtual Reality technology offers the public an ultra-realistic tour of the Xiqu Centre and provides visitors with an immersive first-hand experience of watching a live Xiqu performance in the intimate Tea House Theatre and the 1,100 seat Grand Theatre.

Other models of facilities in the WKCD on show include the M+ Museum of visual culture which opens in 2019, the first publicly seen model of the Lyric Theatre Complex with its three theatres, resident company centre, rehearsal spaces and large foyer giving views across the harbour, and a conceptual design model of the proposed Hong Kong Palace Museum.

Through information panels, touch screens, detailed renderings and videos, visitors to this exhibition will be able to get the first comprehensive view of the emerging District since the last Public Engagement Exercise in 2011, and enjoy a glimpse of the many programmes and events already launched in the District including Freespace Happening, the many M+ exhibitions, the Rising Stars of Cantonese Opera and the West Kowloon Bamboo Theatre. The public can also look through an on-screen sample of artworks in the M+ Collection by Hong Kong artists and a database of the trees currently being nurtured and ready for planting in the Art Park.

“We are very excited to present the WKCD and our long term vision for creating an arts hub for everyone. At this exhibition, the public can find out more about the vision and principles behind the District, the facilities and venues both under construction and planning as well as the wide array of programmes that have already been launched. Being one of the most exciting projects in the world, blending the arts, education and open space, we are determined to create a cultural hub where the local art community can be inspired, to explore creativity and celebrate culture and audiences can enjoy performances that are diverse and of the highest quality. We want everyone to see the progress we are making in creating a world class cultural district that Hong Kong people can be truly proud of,” said Mr Duncan Pescod, Chief Executive Officer of WKCDA.

“This exhibition celebrates creativity in all its aspects, combining natural materials and highly skilled model making with touch screens and the latest VR technology. The virtual reality experience we have created for this exhibition breaks new ground and will give users a vivid sense of what the visitor experience will be like when the Xiqu Centre opens next year. The WKCDA will continue to explore the use of technology to engage with the public both in the build-up to opening of the facilities and within the District itself.” said Mr Kingsley Jayasekera, Director of Marketing and Customer Experience of WKCDA.


Opening Date:
20 June to 20 November 2017

Opening Hours:
10am to 6pm
Closed on Tuesdays (Except 20 June)

City Gallery
3 Edinburgh Place, Central, Hong Kong
(Next to City Hall Lower Block)

Free Admission




About West Kowloon Cultural District

Located on Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, the West Kowloon Cultural District is one of the largest cultural projects in the world. Its vision is to create a vibrant new cultural quarter for Hong Kong. With a complex of theatres, performance spaces, and M+, the West Kowloon Cultural District will produce and host world-class exhibitions, performances, and cultural events, as well as provide 23 hectares of public open space, including a two-kilometre waterfront promenade.