Commissioned and produced by West Kowloon, ON VIEW: HONG KONG is a new dance project exploring notions of portraiture, identity and the moving body through the media of screendance. Opening on 21 September 2017 with the premiere of 10 online videos, the project includes an installation exhibition from 1 to 3 November and live performances on 2 and 3 November, held as part of Freespace at Taikoo Place.

ON VIEW: HONG KONG was conceived in 2015 during New Works Forum: Screendance, a collaborative programme organised by West Kowloon and City Contemporary Dance Company that brought together Australian choreographer and dance filmmaker Sue Healey, Hong Kong dance film cinematographer Maurice Lai and other screendance artists for workshops and exchange with directors, filmmakers and dance artists from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. The following year, inspired by Healey’s award-winning work ON VIEW: Live Portraits, West Kowloon engaged Sue Healey to collaborate with Maurice Lai and ten prominent Hong Kong dance artists for the production of ON VIEW: HONG KONG

Exploring what it means “to see” and “to be seen” – elements that are central to Healey’s work – ON VIEW: HONG KONG challenges the way performers and spectators view a dancer’s presence, gaze, gestures, movement, force and rhythm, and looks at how a dancer presents both tangible and intangible qualities, and at what happens when the complexities of real world movement and observations are compressed by the camera. The resulting works redefine the context and cultural interpretation of the concepts ‘Portrait’, ‘Identity’ and ‘The Moving Body’.

ON VIEW: HONG KONG provokes creators and audiences with fresh perspectives of ‘dance’ and ‘moving image’, promotes the development of screendance, and offers the public a unique opportunity to discover Hong Kong dancers of different ages, backgrounds and levels of expertise. 

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