Bylaw and Guidelines

As an integral part of the 23-hectare public open space within the district, the Art Park will provide a major green open space in the heart of the city, and a range of arts, cultural and leisure facilities.


The Art Park and public open space are envisaged to be welcoming and accessible for all. They should be managed in a way that encourages a wide range of uses and activities within shared spaces, while respecting and balancing the needs of different users.


WKCDA has developed a set of bylaw and guidelines to govern the operation of the Park as well as other open spaces within the district, such as the Artist Square, the Avenue and the waterfront promenade. The bylaw took into account the vision and mission of the Art Park as well as public views collected in a three-stage public engagement exercise between 2009-2011 and a park public survey in 2014, which sought views and ideas from the public on how the Art Park in the WKCD could be operated and managed. The results from the public engagement exercise, together with WKCDA’s experience in operating and managing the existing Waterfront Promenade over the past two years, were into consideration in the formulation of these bylaw and guidelines. The WKCDA also made reference to the existing laws and management practice of local and overseas parks, pleasure grounds and places of amusement.


Highlights of the bylaw related to public activities include:

  • Playing ball games, using skateboards, bicycles or roller skates/ blades are permitted unless otherwise specifically noticed;
  • Pets are permitted so long as they are on a lead or otherwise kept under control; and
  • Flying kites is allowed within a certain height under control.


The bylaw is available for download by the public here:

West Kowloon Cultural District (Public Open Spaces) Bylaw (CAP. 601A)


You may want to read the FAQ to get a quick understanding on the bylaw and guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

The guidelines are available for download by the public here: