Pei Yanling: Demonstration talk and excerpt performances

Xiqu Centre Grand Theatre


The legendary performer explains the unique features of Peking opera in a demonstration talk accompanied by live excerpt performances


Pei Yanling, a National Class One Performer and three-time winner of the Plum Blossom Award for Chinese Theatre, hosts a demonstration talk at the Xiqu Centre where she walks the audience through two classic Peking opera excerpts. Joined on stage by both up-and-coming and established performers from the Peking Opera Research Centre of Hebei, many of whom are her students, Pei gives live performances and expert analyses as she breaks down the unique artistic features of Peking opera.


The excerpts, handpicked by the master herself, are two of the most iconic pieces in the traditional Peking opera repertoire. Pinggui Bids Farewell is a domestic scene that sees a young warrior bid farewell to his wife before setting off to battle. Meanwhile, The Drunken Fight depicts a bar brawl between a righteous hero and a notorious local bully. One emotionally charged and the other action-packed, the two performances are a great showcase of Pei’s versatility and comprehensive skills.


In addition, the audience can enjoy four additional popular Peking opera excerpts:The Pulley,The Melon Thief, The Boundary Pass and Mi Heng Curses Cao Cao While Beating the Drum, featuring a stellar line-up of acclaimed artists including Plum Blossom Award-winner Zhang Huimin, National Class One Performers Zhang Xiyue and Zhang Yunsheng, as well as Pei’s protégés Gong Haizhong and Tong Xin.


The Pulley
Cast: Feng Fei, Zhang Yabin


The Melon Thief
Cast: Wei Jianping, Wu Yueze


The Boundary Pass
Cast: Zhang Xin, Zuo Alei


Pinggui Bids Farewell
Cast: Pei Yanling, Zhang Huimin


Mi Heng Curses Cao Cao While Beating the Drum
Cast: Gong Haizhong


The Drunken Fight
Cast: Pei Yanling, Zhang Xiyue


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