Xiqu Centre Tea House Theatre performances and guided tours

Two special events to celebrate the Xiqu Centre opening: Standard Chartered Tea House Theatre Experience, a 90-minute narrated performance complementary serving of fine tea and dim sum; and the Xiqu Centre Guided Tours, help you explore our new facilities, and the culture and stories behind the art of xiqu

West Kowloon 101

West Kowloon 101 is a series of 90-minute public talks on arts appreciation, arts and cultural management and Chinese culture. Casual and informative, the talks offer a fundamental level of understanding to aid appreciation and enhance enjoyment of arts and cultural programmes. Register Now

Screendance School Programme

The Screendance School Programme connects artists and secondary school students to explore the synergy of dance and cinematography through talks and interactive workshops

West Kowloon Young Fellows Scheme (Performing Arts) 2019

The West Kowloon Young Fellows Scheme supports young and aspiring talents to develop arts learning, public participation, community engagement and audience building projects that expand and contribute to the performing arts ecology in Hong Kong. Applications open now

Blog - Performing Arts Development

Read the collaborative stories about Performing Arts Development now!

Xiqu Centre Xiqu Centre

Xiqu Centre

A world-class arts venue dedicated to promoting the rich heritage of Xiqu

Freespace Freespace


The platform for artists and audience to encounter, exchange ideas and explore the endless possibilities of performing arts without boundaries

Lyric Theatre Complex

A centre of excellence showcasing the best of Hong Kong and international dance and theatre. See the latest updates on the Construction Progress