The West Kowloon Cultural District is a place to create, produce, learn, perform and celebrate all forms of performing arts. Our aims are to:

  • present outstanding and imaginative performances and festivals across all art forms from Hong Kong and around the world, including xiqu, music, dance and theatre
  • inspire our audiences by making our site a place where people of all ages are welcomed, entertained and educated
  • provide space, both physically and artistically, for performing artists to explore, experiment, create and collaborate
  • nurture local talents and stimulate their professional growth 

In anticipation of building a range of venues dedicated to the performing arts, we currently present an active programme of performances, talks, festivals and community engagement projects on site and around Hong Kong. We work with local and international talents and arts organisations to engage art lovers, and use our educational and free programmes to introduce those unfamiliar with the arts to great experiences.

Our festivals West Kowloon Bamboo Theatre and Freespace Fest have quickly established themselves as iconic flagship celebrations of art and culture in Hong Kong. Through these and alongside other festivals you find on our site, including Clockenflap, Renaissance Festival, Festive Drums for a Roaring New Year and Spring Wave Music Festival. We also organised Rising Stars Performance in Cantonese Opera to provide a platform to foster the next generation of Hong Kong Cantonese opera performers.

We also work with researchers and cultural organisations to identify local needs and plan for measures needed to support sustainable artistic growth. To find out more, visit Learning.

To read more about the plans for our different performing arts venues, visit Architecture.

To see upcoming performances, visit What’s On.

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