Every weekend, at least one professional dance production by a local or overseas company takes place somewhere in Hong Kong. With audiences for dance performances growing in terms of numbers and sophistication, the range of work being produced and presented in the city has also expanded to include many different forms of western and Asian contemporary, classical, traditional and popular dance, including ballet, modern dance, Chinese dance, ballroom dance, hip-hop, jazz, tap and regional forms of folk dance.

Dance practitioners in Hong Kong are committed, passionate, enterprising and pioneering in their determination to take dance into new contexts. The Hong Kong dance sector is also ambitious, outward looking, and eager to grasp new opportunities. 

Our vision for dance at West Kowloon is to promote excellence and global collaboration by enabling artists from diverse disciplines and cultures to come together to share creative experiences and produce innovative new work. The Lyric Theatre Complex that is scheduled to be completed in 2021 will provide meeting and performance spaces that function as a creative laboratory for local and international dance companies – spaces where artists can develop and present world-class dance works.  

In the run up to the opening of the Lyric Theatre Complex, we will be organizing a number of different dance projects – the New Works Forum, artistic research and development programmes, international exchange programmes, learning and participation programmes, and so on – with the aim of positioning West Kowloon as a leader in supporting expert dance work development.

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