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Ensemble Transience

Formed by Teriver Cheung in 2017, Ensemble Transience is a chamber group focused on contemporary music with a hint of modern jazz, classical and improvisation.

About the track: Morning Before Departure
Composer and Arranger: Teriver Cheung

Morning Before Departure describes the dreamy, confused feeling of waking from unconsciousness and slowly picking up momentum to move towards a new journey.

About the track: Stillness
Composer and Arranger: Teriver Cheung

A piece that asks us to question the meaning of the goals we pursue in our daily lives.

Teriver Cheung (Composition, electric guitar)
Chok Kerong (Keyboard)
Sam Minaie (Double bass)
Mark Ferber (Drums)
Louie Lai Lai, Hui Chi-kin (Violin)
Cass Ho Ka-wah (Viola)
Juanita Wong (Cello)
Izumi Chloe Nikaido (Flute)
Timothy Sun (Alto saxophone)
Toby Mak, Daniel Rosenboom (Trumpet)
Su Yuhan (Vibraphone)
Ang Shao-wen (Conductor)



ROOT is an original alternative project of Jan Curious and guitarist Teriver Cheung. The full band line-up includes So To-chit on keyboards and synth bass and Fish Huang on drums.

About the track: Fly Me Out of Here
Composer: Jan Curious, Teriver Cheung | Arranger: ROOT | Lyrics: Jan Curious

This song is about the paradox that many Hong Kong people face: that we’re desperate to leave the city, but feel homesick as soon as we’re out of town.

About the track: Waking Up
Composer: Jan Curious, Teriver Cheung | Arranger: ROOT | Lyrics: Jan Curious

A song about waking up from a heart-breaking relationship.

Jan Curious (Vocals)
Teriver Cheung (Guitar)
So To-chit (Keyboard, synth bass)
Chok Kerong (Organ)
Atlas Iu Sai Yu (Trumpet)
Siu Hin-chuen (Saxophone)
Fish Huang (Drums)


the prototyke lab
prototype: a model built to test a concept or process
tyke: a mischievous child

The latest project of local singer-songwriter Vincy Chan, the prototyke lab is a confluence of genre-hopping musicians looking to brew their own musical dialect.

About the track: Indigo Hands
Composer and Lyrics: Vincy Chan | Arranger: the prototyke lab

One of Vincy’s rare compositions about romance.

About the track: Dignity
Composer: Vincy Chan, Hui Sung-him | Lyrics: Vincy Chan | Arranger: the prototyke lab

Written in haste to meet a deadline and composed within a single MTR ride, Dignity is a song about fellow passengers struggling to make ends meet every day.

Vincy Chan (Vocals, harmonies)
Jacky Man (Bass)
Atlas Iu Sai Yu (Trumpet, synth)
Nicky Tong (Electric guitar)
Hui Sung-him (Keyboard)
Dean Li (Drums)


Mike Orange & The Universe Travellers

Music collective Mike Orange & The Universe Travellers is the side project of Mike Orange, guitarist and composer with local rock band Chochukmo. Experimenting with different musical languages and styles, Mike works with much sought-after musicians to explore and reinterpret electronic music, adding the essence of human expression with live instruments.

About the track: Nostalgia
Composer: Mike Orange | Arranger: Mike Orange & The Universe Travellers

A song about searching for our origins among the stars.

About the track: We Shall Never Surrender
Composer: Mike Orange | Arranger: Mike Orange & The Universe Travellers

A piece inspired by Churchill’s famous words, about never surrendering to power, and standing firm to defend what we treasure, whatever the cost.

Steffunn (Drums)
Tom Cheeky (Bass)
Atlas Iu Sai Yu (Trumpet)
Mike Orange (Electric Guitar, keyboards, programming)



Exploring the contradictions in folk music – its honesty and simplicity versus its subtle, suggestive, dark side – Narbi takes you on a journey to real and imaginary places somewhere in time.

About the track: Don’t Mind
Composer and Lyrics: Narbi | Arranger: Hahn Rowe

Created collaboratively with Hahn Rowe, Don’t Mind is about the mood inspired by different types of “smoke” – cigarette smoke, the smoggy haze of a city, a misty forest – and the sense of danger and liberation it evokes all at once.

Narbi (Vocals, acoustic guitar)
Hahn Rowe (Guitar)
Kung Chi-shing (Electric violin)
Heihei@GDJYB (Percussion)


Olivier Cong

Singer-songwriter Olivier Cong has a gentle touch of the folky blues. Inspired by Leonard Cohen, Damien Rice, Bob Dylan, Radiohead and Steven Wilson, he honed his skills performing in bars and pubs in the UK and Europe.

About the track: Delusion (feat. Mo-Men-T)
Composer, Arranger and Lyrics: Olivier Cong

It was time for a good, long run.

Olivier Cong (Vocals, acoustic guitar, synth)
PMQ (Backing vocals)
Mike Yip@Mo-Men-T (Electric guitar)
Vic Tsui@Mo-Men-T (Drums)
Lui Ngao-yuen@Mo-Men-T (Double bass)
Siu Hin-cheun@Mo-Men-T (Saxophone)

About the track: Joe Padkelly
Composer, Arranger, Lyrics: Olivier Cong | Guzheng improvisation: Bou Kwan-ying

A song about a homeless man that Olivier met on Denmark Street in London.

Olivier Cong (Vocals, cello, double bass, percussion)
Bou Kwan-ying (Guzheng)
Peter from Natural Reader (Narrator)


Tree Phoning feat. Wu Chun Hei*

Tree Phoning’s distinct alternative aesthetic, blends improvisation and touches of minimalist post rock to create sound stories about human beings, nature and fate.

*By kind permission of Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra

About the track: 39 92
Composer: Tree Phoning | Arranger: Moon Yip

A song about an October evening, about fireworks over the sea, the sirens of a ferry, and 39 people separated from their families forever.

About the track: this is not a perfect world
Composer: Tree Phoning | Arranger: Moon Yip

On October 1st, 1949, the People’s Republic of China is founded. Since then, people have found their heaven on earth.

Moon Yip (Electric guitar)
Jessie Yiu (Violin)
Fai Wong (Keyboards)
Ka Lok-ying (Bass)
Kiu Ho (Drums)
Wu Chun-hei (Suona)
Hong Kong people (Voice)


Mo-Men-T feat. Mavis Lam

Mo-Men-T is a Hong Kong-based quintet with an ultra-modern jazz style. Together the influence of each of the band members creates a unique mixture of musical currents including modern jazz, funk, rock, and post-rock.

Mavis Lam Tsan-tong is an award-winning pipa soloist.

About the track: Recurrence
Composer: Lui Ngao-yuen | Arranger: Mo-Men-T

A 26-minute track that blends the oriental sounds of the pipa with improvised elements of jazz.

Mavis Lam (Pipa)
Lui Ngao-yuen (Double bass)
Mike Yip (Electric guitar)
Vic Tsui (Drums)
Siu Hin-chuen (Soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone)
Paul Bebington (Piano)