Freespace Mixtape Vol. 2

Freespace Mixtape Vol. 2

In this series of collaborations, eight groups recorded 14 tracks for Freespace Mixtape Vol. 2. All tracks are available on the following online streaming platforms. We also collaborated with Videotape to engage eight young local video artists to create videos for eight of the tracks from the album. The full series of videos is available online at West Kowloon’s YouTube channel.


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Featured artists and track list:

  1. Ensemble Transience – Morning Before Departure
  2. ROOT – Waking Up
  3. the prototyke lab – Dignity
  4. Mike Orange & The Universe Travellers – Nostalgia
  5. Narbi – Don't Mind
  6. Olivier Cong – Joe Padkelly
  7. the prototyke lab – Indigo Hands
  8. ROOT – Fly Me Out of Here
  9. Ensemble Transience – Stillness
  10. Mike Orange & The Universe Travellers – We Shall Never Surrender
  11. Olivier Cong feat. Mo-Men-T – Delusion (Part 1, 2)
  12. Tree Phoning feat. Wu Chun Hei – 39 92
  13. Tree Phoning feat. Wu Chun Hei – this is not a perfect world
  14. Mo-Men-T feat. Mavis Lam – Recurrence

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Production Team


Producers: Kung Chi-shing, Michelle Rocha, June Lau
Sound Engineering, Mixing & Mastering: Anthony [email protected] Studio
Production Assistants: Angela Lai, Diana Cheung, Tancy Sin, Chelsea Pun, Michael Chan, Sammi Lam
Graphic Design: Jerry [email protected]
Video Artists: Wong Yee Mei, Hugo Kenzo & Sophia Shek, Moshing Frenchie, Prescott Law Ho Pui, Ho Sin Tung, Chan Ka Chi, Hayman Yip, Chan Wai Kwong & Ada Hung
Special Thanks to: Avon Recording Studios, Videotage, Golden Dynamic Enterprises


℗ + © 2019 West Kowloon Cultural District. All rights reserved.
Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performance, transmission and broadcasting of the text, sound recording and artwork prohibited. 

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