To nurture a wider audience for performing arts events and encourage support for arts and cultural activities in Hong Kong, the Learning and Participation team offers a number of programmes that engage different sectors of the public.

We also offer specific youth-oriented initiatives. Fresh graduates may join us as full-time Interns to work with Authority staff for a period of six months. The scheme is designed to promote creativity and identify non-traditional opportunities for youth employment with the goal of cultivating a new generation of professionals and practitioners in arts and culture-related fields.

Docents play an important part in helping us shape the audience experience of our performing arts events. Recruited from all walks of society, docents receive professional in-house training, and support and guidance from our team.

In the near future we will also invite proposals for Young Fellowship. Not only will Young Fellows invigorate the District, by being our ambassadors, they will also become an indispensable part of the intellectual eco-system that links learners, audience and creatives.

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