The aim of the Learning and Participation team is to create impactful educational programmes, develop constructive and sustainable connections between the community, academic institutions and cultural organisations, and facilitate international exchange.

We do this by working hand in hand with different artistic teams at West Kowloon to support and promote the district’s xiqu, theatre, dance, music and outdoor programmes through specially designed public events and practical workshops. We also work closely with local and international academic and cultural institutions to organise learning and participatory activities, and provide a wide range of indoor, outdoor and outreach programmes for the public. These events are designed to help promote a sense of openness and inclusivity within the community and to encourage cross-cultural dialogue between Hong Kong, China and the wider world. 

Devised in close alignment with West Kowloon’s artistic strategies for performing arts, our goals are:

  • to create programmes that nurture curious learners, new and informed audiences
  • to provide structured learning opportunities for young adults, professionals, mature audiences and arts administrators
  • to engage the public and generate support for performing arts activities at West Kowloon

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