We now live in a world where bigotry, racism and prejudices are reported on, experienced and reinforced at unprecedented levels. From Islamophobia, to rejection of the Syrian refugees, to the antics of Republican candidate Donald Trump, to the continued persecution of women, the LGBT communities, and anyone we don’t understand or don’t want to understand, it is everywhere, all around us. At every moment, our social media feed reminds us of the injustice, the atrocities and the trauma of this ‘someone else’. Maybe we sympathize, empathize; maybe we express outrage or support online with a comment or a like or maybe we agree because someone has articulated what we were actually thinking. Beyond this, there doesn’t seem to be a next step, that it is not really my problem. Perhaps it is easier to gloss over. What if all this needs to hit closer to home? What if it should matter to you on a personal level? What if one day you are asked to step outside of this comfort zone, to challenge yourself to rethink and reconsider the impact of your own prejudices?

Someone Else by Ant Hampton is the invitation to challenge yourself and to encounter this someone else, this other that will never figure in your universe. At West Kowloon, art is not the icing on the cake of our accomplished lives. Art must matter and it must inspire us to be better, to do better. We invite you to enter into this moment of reflection with us, even before our first buildings welcome one and all; to think about what it means to expand your world to encounter that someone else who is outside your comfort zone. It will be a personal journey, an individual decision; one that will stay with you for a long time to come. And it begins here and now. Will you join us on this journey to go beyond the limits of yourself?

Low Kee Hong
Head, Artistic Development (Theatre)