Antigone by Baiguang Theatre Studio x Tang Shu-Wing

Come November this year, West Kowloon will play host to a site-specific contemporary interpretation of the Greek tragedy Antigone. Written by Sophocles in 441 B.C., Antigone follows the epic struggle of the titular character to provide an honorable burial for her brother Polyneices, an action that is in direct contradiction to the edict given by her uncle Creon, the newly crowned King of Thebes.

A classic that explores the depths and contradictions of the human condition, this contemporary version – directed by critically acclaimed Hong Kong director Tang Shu-Wing and performed by an all-female cast from the young Beijing-based Baiguang Theatre Studio – thrusts the discussions between man and woman, man and the gods, parents and children, the individual and the society, the living and the dead into the central struggle and desire for power. In this first collaboration between Tang Shu-Wing Theatre Studio and Baiguang Theatre Studio, Antigone is staged in the open-air and set in the strangeness of the rooftop of a nameless building. In this liminal space, the lives of six women intertwine with the characters of this classic Greek tragedy through an almost metaphysical connection as they begin a reading of Antigone. In a performance imbued with a feeling somewhere between a séance and a Noh play, the ghosts of kings past emerge to confront women still struggling with similar oppressions in the contemporary milieu.

The strangeness is doubly amplified as audiences encounter the unfolding of this power struggle in a voyeuristic way through the lens of the camera. This will be a first for West Kowloon’s performing arts team to trial our online digital platform as an additional way to access performances both ‘live’ and on demand. Between 4 to 6 November, this special Antigone event will be ‘live’ streamed for multiple audiences in Hong Kong and around the world, enabling them to access the same time and space as these six women. From 7 November, Antigone will be available on demand at our YouTube channel.

So make a date with these six women on the rooftop as we invite you to enter into a stunning new interpretation of this Greek tragedy.