This year, in partnership with Hong Kong Ballet, West Kowloon presents a new edition of the research and experimentation programme “Creation for Freespace: Choreographer & Composer Lab”, bringing together three independent composers and three choreographers from Hong Kong Ballet in a close collaborative environment to explore new approaches to composition in music and dance, generate creative ideas and develop partnerships.

In the first week-long “Choreographer & Composer Lab” in 2016, we successfully brought together four choreographers and four composers, with three participants – choreographers Yuh Egami and Ricky Hu Song-wei from Hong Kong Ballet and independent composer Mike Orange – afterwards moving on to collaborate on the production of Hong Kong Ballet’s “Carmen” in May 2017.

This year’s programme runs over eight months. Working collaboratively in assigned pairs from February to September 2018, participants explore new ideas through encounter and dialogue, take part in a two-week rehearsal “trial lab”, share their collaborative work in a works-in-development showcase, and engage in extensive rehearsals before presenting a final stage production. The participating group of artists includes two returning choreographers: Yuh Egami, this year paired with composer Mike Yip, and Ricky Hu Song-wei, paired with composer Olivier Cong, as well as Li Jiabo, paired with composer Tsui Chin-hung.

The informal works-in-development showcase “Works-in-process” took place as part of Hong Kong Ballet’s Ballet PLUS+ Salon Series in April.

Artists will stage final productions of the new works they generate as part of Hong Kong Ballet’s “Hong Kong Cool” in September 2018. Find out more


9-24 April 2018

Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Participating Choreographers: 
Yuh Egami
Ricky Hu Song-wei
Li Jiabo

Participating Composers: 
Olivier Cong
Tsui Chin-hung
Mike Yip


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