About DECADE – an interactive online platform

DECADE is an interactive online platform that joins music and film to create a new cinematic and musical narrative of Hong Kong over 100 years. Revitalising and rediscovering archive footage by pairing it with specially commissioned scores by ten Hong Kong composers, this digital art platform offers a unique audio-visual experience charting ten decades of Hong Kong.

Composers & Musicians

Shadow Kim
Chin King
Alain Chiu
Shane Aspegren
Leung Yan Chiu
Wong Chun-fai (aka Sin:Ned)
Sascia Pellegrini
Kung Chi Shing
Wilmer Chan
Choi Sai Ho

Create your Own Decade


The website comes with an interactive installation allowing you to create your own Decade. Rearrange the films and music and share your own interpretation of Hong Kong.

More about DECADE

Decade is a music and film project that explores the boundaries between online and offline. Following the recording session in Oct 2013, Decade first made its debut public performance in Freespace Fest 2013 and received acclaims by the audience. 

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