Between 15 and 17 December, FM Theatre Power returns with their very own Cantonese musical theatre at the Nursery Park. Staged against the backdrop of the Hong Kong skyline at sunset, “Time out?! Time’s up!” follows a group of young students as they take part in a game about life, dreams and growing up.

A truly alternative theatre experience, “Time out?! Time’s up!” is a ticketed event with a “pay-as-you-will” option for the 4:30pm shows on Saturday and Sunday. For these two performances, audience members can choose to register with FM Theatre Power to pay what they would like to show their appreciation after the performance, or purchase tickets in advance as detailed below. 

The event is also free-seating. There are no designated seats at the venue, but you are welcome to sit on the ground, bring your own chair or rent one from us, and take any open space around the Big Circle in the Nursery Park.

Watch the video to hear Director Adam Wong Sau Ping give his thoughts on “Time out?! Time’s up!” as an audience.

Date and time:
15 December 2017 (Friday) 8:00pm
16 December 2017 (Saturday) 4:30pm  PAY-AS-YOU-WILL
16 December 2017 (Saturday) 8:00pm
17 December 2017 (Sunday) 4:30pm  PAY-AS-YOU-WILL
17 December 2017 (Sunday) 8:00pm

Big Circle, West Kowloon Nursery Park

Sit on the floor: $280 (Student concession: $200)
Bring your own chair: $300
Borrow our chair: $350
Use our lucky chair (with designer cushion and “Kitty Hunter” screenplay script): $500 

Tickets are now available at Cityline
Telephone booking hotline: 2111 5333 (10:00am–8:00pm)



  1. One person per ticket.
  2. Please note that ticket redemption services are not available at the performance venue. If you have booked online, please ensure that you redeem your tickets at a Cityline UTDM (Ticket Dispensing Machines) or Cityline Outlets before making your journey to West Kowloon. 

About FM Theatre Power:
Since their first project “West Kowloon Cultural Street” was launched 12 years ago, FM Theatre Power (FMTP) have performed regularly in community spaces around Hong Kong exploring innovative ideas for public performance. Their current project is “THEATRE EVERYWHERE”.

For FMTP, theatre is group adventure and action. Core members, Mo Lai and Banky Yeung, have been named “Outstanding Young People” in Hong Kong. Nine members have also been awarded the Grant for Emerging Artists by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

Adverse Weather Arrangements:
If a red or black rainstorm warning, or a typhoon signal no. 8 or above is hoisted 2 hours before the event, the performance will be cancelled. All changes to the programme will be announced online:


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