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Vicky Fung
Guest Music Curator

Vicky Fung made her debut as a composer on the Cantonese pop scene with the number one hit Can’t Let Go for Cantopop diva Sammi Cheng in 1996. Since then, she has been an active member of the Hong Kong music industry and has worked with various prominent local singers. With the song Androgyny, composed for Juno Mak in 2005, Vicky brought new impetus to the Cantopop scene with a unique and new style of music. Androgyny won her the Best Alternative Composition award at the 2005 CASH Golden Sail Music Awards along with other music awards from various radio stations. In 2012, she composed Gin Lee’s Finally Going Home by Myself and Eman Lam’s Wanna Be, which respectively crowned her with the Best Melody and Best Song award at the 2012 CASH Golden Sail Music Awards.

As a professional singer, Vicky has released two albums of her own songs, Never Home in 2005 and The Journey of Present in 2008. To provide a professional venue for musicians of all genres, Vicky and a group of friends – local music enthusiasts and professionals – opened the Backstage Live Restaurant which ultimately developed a reputation for nurturing local music artists. In 2010, Vicky and Cantopop veteran Victor Tse established Frenzi Music Limited, a music production and artist management company, expanding on her passion for developing and sustaining the local pop music industry by uncovering and promoting new talent. In collaboration with singer-songwriter Chet Lam, Frenzi Music launched MusicBee, Hong Kong’s first music-related crowdfunding platform, designed to nurture creative culture in the local community by helping musicians raise money to launch their own projects.

8 October

Winter Bagels

Winter Bagels is an acoustic-pop band formed by lead vocalists and guitarists Kaki and Cup and percussionist Gladys.

Active in local music events, Winter Bagels were invited to perform at the Jockey Club Street Music Series. They were also selected as one of the mentees in the "Ear Up" record label creation and incubation programme launched by Renaissance Foundation in June 2016. After the release of their debut EP "Winter Bagels" this July they took a busking trip to Eastern Europe, but they’re now back in Hong Kong performing for the delight of local audiences!


One-of-a-kind pop rock band Trekkerz is made up of lead vocalist Mischa, pianist Pong and guitarist Mike. The band signed with Sony Music after winning the “Best Folk Singing and Writing Contest 2012” and became part of O.U.R. Works, a unique platform designed for singer-songwriters sharing the core values, Original Music, Unique Sound and Refreshing People.

The name Trekkerz is derived from the band members’ motto: “Trekking”, making an arduous journey on foot. And Mischa, Pong and Mike hope they can use music to help them gradually establish a new world and reach their dreams.

Composing and writing their own songs, their debut album “Back To Our First Day” reached the No. 1 spot on the iTune charts. With a combination of musical skills and positive energy, Trekkerz are off to a great start on their music pathway!

Kimman Wong

Singer-songwriter Kimman Wong has played music since he learnt to sing with a guitar at the age of 17. He participated in the “Super Idol” and “Super Star Avenue” singing contests in Taiwan, and in 2009 won the Harbour City X Backstage “Battlestage” performing original songs.

In 2011, he started his busking life, singing and sharing his own stories around the world, from Australia to Europe.

His song “Flying to Infinity” was translated from Mandarin to become the Cantonese hit “Ours”, used as the theme song for ViuTV drama “Green Bean”.


Asyndeton is a "supergroup" of well-known local teen artists. Comprised of Benjamin Man, Harmeet Bhatia, Aaron De Guzman, and Joshua Francis, they have just one mission – to bring back loud, fun rock music to Hong Kong!

Described by the South China Morning Post as "one of the most polished" and "not just a slick guitar band", Asyndeton released their debut EP in August 2016 and look set to turn heads and get people dancing!


Local rapper Heyo is famous for using Cantonese in his works. In his debut album “Fa Wa (aka Flower)”, he mixes the unique sounds of the Cantonese language with various musical elements.

Teriver Cheung & Friends

Teriver Cheung is an internationally touring guitarist and composer. The Hong-Kong born musician is currently an endorsed artist for the D’Angelico Guitars. Fish Huang, is a much-talked-about drummer from Taiwan, his delicate interpretation of rhythm and commitment to music is not to be missed. Scott Dodd is a highly-demanded bassist proficient on both electric and double bass. Keyboardist, Nick Wong, is classically trained from the age of 7 and is active in performing live, producing and song writing.

The Stay Up

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Ryan Hui moved to the US at the age of 14 to attend high school and university in San Diego, California. While in the States, Ryan played in several groups and formed the punk-rock band One Foot Forward.

Returning to Hong Kong in 2004, Ryan continued his music career playing sold-out shows for Sam Hui and his 2005-2010 world tours. In 2006 he signed with Creep Entertainment and released two EPs. In 2014, Ryan independently released the “Upstart” vinyl album and in June 2016 his highly anticipated “Wake Up!” EP.

Several of Ryan’s singles have made it onto the Commercial Radio, Metro Radio, and RTHK charts, including “Wake Up” and "Upstart”.

Ryan is currently performing in Hong Kong and China under the name The Stay Up, as well as writing songs for various TV projects and working on his next release, scheduled for 2017.

Uka Yeung

Life, nature and travel are some of the things singer-songwriter Uka Yeung documents with her guitar and music. Her career as a writer-performer began when she was a high school student pursuing her musical dreams and studying digital music production. Driven by an urge to share her music with a wider audience, she later took to the streets as a busker. To date Uka has a long list of original songs to her name.

Chin Tung Tse & Chin Lui Tse

Chin Tung Tse & Chin Lui Tse are a singer-songwriter duo from Hong Kong. Known for their Youtube music videos, the group excels in blending rich harmonies with dynamic instrumentation, resulting in a sound that is best described as trippy and relaxing. Recently, the duo has been active in bringing their music into a live setting, performing at schools, shopping malls, and music festivals such as Clockenflap and Taiwan’s Spring Scream. Other than playing as part of a group, Chin Tung is also active as a songwriter for other music artists, including Kary Ng, Mag Lam, and Twins.

Circle Guitar

Circle is a Hong Kong singer-songwriter and guitarist. An experienced music performer, she has performed everywhere from live houses and outdoor concerts to shopping malls. Known for her unique voice and music style, she is passionate about street music culture and is a member of the busking group “Buskic”.

Cho Sze

After graduating and trying her hand at different jobs, Cho Sze decided her true calling was music. She enjoys sharing original songs as a reflection of her true inner self.

Sugar Bro

Formed in 2011 by Gordon Kwong and Kan Lo, Sugar Bro play a blend of acoustic, rock and pop, expressing heartfelt feelings through original music and lyrics. In 2013, they held a CD release show at Hang Out and were one of the guest bands in a Hang Out music tour later in October. Since Kirk Wong (Bassist) and Ronny Yeung (Drummer) joined Sugar Bro in 2014, the band has increased their creative output and performed regularly for their fans.

9 October

per se

The poetic pop duo per se is comprised of music talents Stephen Mok and Sandy Ip. The name per se, meaning intrinsic or in itself, reflects their creations: music free of the limitations of genre or style. In 2014, the duo won the Tom Lee SoundBase Acoustic Band Competition as well as the Best Original Song award in the same competition. Since 2013 per se have released a debut EP and several digital singles. They are currently working on a second physical release, a concept mini-album “Conundrum” about the puzzles of life.

James’s Secret

James’s Secret is a five piece contemporary fusion rock band from Renaissance College Hong Kong. This band creates songs ranging from Progressive Rock to Funk Rock, all the while incorporating the smooth, lush sounds of R&B. They have performed at Clockenflap and Picnic in the Park and promise fresh sounds and passion. Debuting their new songs from their upcoming EP at Freespace Happening, James’s Secret are ready to show that they are not only a teenage band with a funky name and wow the audience of Hong Kong once again.

Teenage Riot

Having started out as a Sonic Youth covers band, Teenage Riot are a veritable Hong Kong indie musical collective, featuring different musicians on a rolling basis. They also play a wide variety of styles, from dirty noise rock to sweet acoustic ballads. Current members are from False Alarm, 22 Cats, Rachel Believes In Me, Ponyboy, Hard Candy and After-After-Party.

Nowhere Boys

The Nowhere Boys are five independent musicians whose different musical backgrounds combine to create a new cinematic rock sound. In the band are singer-songwriter Van Chan, jazz drummer Nate Wong, guitar expert Kenneth Angus, psychedelic pianist/violinist Fisher Kan and all-rounded bassist/instrumentalist Hansun Chan. Their music aims to tell stories – from fairy tales to science fiction. In 2015 they released the self-funded EP Nowhere Boys, which made the top 10 on the iTunes chart in the first week of release. Their second album, the recently-released “Welcome To Our Hyperreality” explores the possibilities of cinematic Cantopop compositions by turning surreal stories into music scores.

Yau Hawk-Sau, Neo

Yau Hawk-Sau, Neo, is a Hong Kong-based actor who graduated from the School of Film and Television at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. He founded a political satire group called “Mocking Jer”, which specialises in creative derivative work based on local news stories and government issues. In 2015, he gained recognition as the lead character Pang Shing-Wa in “She Remembers, He Forgets”.

Michael Lai

Following his success at the 18th District Singing Contest in 2009, Michael continued to pursue his music career and moved his stage to the streets. As lead vocalist and guitarist of the popular street music group "Sollasedo", Michael gained enormous support from MOOV, Hong Kong’s first and largest digital music platform.

His latest Album “↑↑↓↓← →← →BA Start” was well received by the media, and named one of the Top Albums of 2015 on online platforms. Michael also won the “Best New Male Cantonese Singer Award” from Southern Metropolis Daily and "Best Prospect Award" from RTHK in 2015.


Chlorister – the name is a combination of chorister and chlōrós, the ancient Greek word for green – is a male vocal group comprised of students and alumni from Wah Yan College, Kowloon. Having started their career singing in their school uniform, green has become their representative colour. Chlorister have participated in a number of competitions and events, including the Hong Kong International A Capella Contest in 2015 and events held to celebrate Wah Yan College’s 90th anniversary.

BonBon x Hoyin

BonBon is the lead singer of Epitaph, a local band who won the silver award at the 2015 Hong Kong Youth Band Competition, as well as the ‘Most “Liked” Band’ and ‘Best Cantonese Song’ at the ShowOff Voice Talent Challenge the same year.


SweeTone is an acoustic band with a sound defined by sweet vocals, intricate arrangements, and a passionate music style. All three members are formally trained musicians and have experience performing live at a variety of shows and events.


The name “Comma” suggests a pause. And the band hope their fans and supporters can do just that – stop for a while, take a break from life in the busy city, and enjoy the surroundings.

Peri M

Local indie rock band Peri M (short for “Perimeter”) comprises Aeolus (vocals), Kai (guitar), Turn-B (bass), Eunice (keyboard) and Tim (drum). Together they create a sonic landscape from a mix of rich, tight musical arrangements and melodic vocal lines.

Pang Pang Singers

Local pop group Pang Pang Singers – Jay Lam, Windows Fung and Gloria Law – put a spin on preconceptions about pop star appearances and show that what really counts is the music. The band play a range of styles, and have dipped into everything from pop rock, ballads, to dance music.