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Call back ASAP

CALL BACK ASAP is a four-person band from Hong Kong established in November 2014. Members include Hinry Lau (vocalist and rhythm guitarist), KK (lead guitarist), Rocky (bass guitarist), and Fing (drummer). CALL BACK ASAP is also dedicated to promoting local culture. The band has won the Hong Kong audition of the third season of "Voice of China" and subsequently came third in the Hong Kong Youth Band Competition 2014.


Chochukmo is a 5-piece local indie rock band. With playful minds and the courage to push limits, they experiment rock music with different elements from jazz to punk, from bossa nova to dance. The band is known for their passionate and energetic live performances, and their rich musical style.

Chor Lai

Jew’s harp, also known as mouth harp, is one of the most ancient instruments of the world, predominantly used in Asia. Chor has performed in Hong Kong and Taiwan and he teaches Jew’s harp lessons locally.

Evocation HK

Formed in 2002, Evocation HK is considered one of the leading black death metal bands in HK. It was founded by Tomy Chiu, the vocal and guitarist and the current lineup includes Tai Tam (Guitar), Chung Chow (Bass), Man Leung (Drums), Jamline Lo (Synth). Evocation HK won a 4th in Wacken Open Air 2014 - Metal Battle. Evocation HK is characterized by its blending of Eastern instrumentation and black death metal. Songs are written to inspire and awake the mass to walk out of the control of the authoritative dictatorship of any aspect.


Heartgrey is Hong Kong’s very own professional beatboxer. He has represented Hong Kong and China in various international beatbox competitions, including “BeatboxBattle® World Championship” (Germany), “Emperor of Mic Beatbox Battle” (Austria), “Bscene Grand Beatbox Battle” (Switzerland).

JL Music

JL Music is a local street music group formed by a group of university students who are passionate about music and singing. Diverse, young and innovative, JL Music is energetic and enthusiastic. They performed at both public and private events, and collaborate regularly with organizations to present music events. Music is their profession & they aim to promote brand new local music culture to a wider audience.

Jun Chan Former busker and now full-time musician, Jun has performed in events such as the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival’s San Miguel’s Beer Festival, “World Music Day in the tram!” of Le French May, and the Jockey Club Street Music Series.
King Ly Chee Fuelled by the passion for hardcore music, King Ly Chee was formed in May 1999. The independent music scene in Hong Kong during that period was dominated by bands passing themselves off as “hardcore” or “metal” without their own original pieces. Riz, the band’s founder, was determined to set the record straight on what “hardcore” truly means. In the past 16 years, King Ly Chee has carried their unique voice, energy and belief to various countries in Asia and Europe. The current lineup is comprised of Riz (Vocalist), Ho (Bass Guitarist), Brian (Guitarist), Joe (Guitarist) and Ivan (Drummer).
KOLOR is one of Hong Kong's leading rock n' roll bands. Established in 2005, the current lineup includes Sammy (vocalist), Robin (guitarist), Sing (bass guitarist) and Michael (drummer). The band released their debut album "COLOR" in 2007, and was awarded the New Top Band in the Bronze Category in the Commercial Radio’s 903 Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation that year. In 2012, their concert "Law of 14” and performances in collaboration with the Parsons Wind Orchestra were very well received. In the following year Kolor collaborated with the Parsons Wind Orchestra again in a sold-out show.
Lydia special guests: Funky Heroes Funky Hero is a Hong Kong street dance group for children aged seven to ten. Their leader Lydia has participated in the movie ‘The Way We Dance’.
Lyson Sze Lyson has performed freestyle football around Europe and is the first Hong Kong representative to participate in the Red Bull Street Style Competition. Now a fulltime freestyle football athlete, Lyson also teaches freestyle football at local institutes. He was awarded the 2010 Hong Kong Freestyler Football Champion and 2014 Red Bull Street Style, Shanghai; Champion.
Street Workout Hong Kong Street workout originated from Russia and Czech in the 1990s. Athletes make use of training devices or railings on the street, and perform dangerous and difficult stunts such as planche, front lever or the human flag. Street Workout Hong Kong is a self-financed, not-for-profit social project and a member of the World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation (WSWCF). Performer Ken Lai has participated in the Street Workout World Cup in Russia in 2014. Performer Nicholas Wong was Champion in the WSWCF Street Workout Championship of Hong Kong 2015 and Champion in the Street Workout World Cup Stage of Taiwan. He is representing Hong Kong in the 2015 World Championship and World Cup Final.
SzeMei Chow Having tried a number of different jobs after graduation, SzeMei Chow decided her true calling was music. She likes sharing original music as it reflects her true inner self.
The Black Sheepee Black sheep are rare, so is good original music. Comprised of guitarist Hei Hei and vocalist Yanny, the Black Sheepee is dedicated to creating refreshing music through never-ending explorations. Themes of their original songs range from concerns for climate changes and kindness to the joy of making music. With their guitar and lovely voices, the Black Sheepee is delighted to share with you their original pieces and cover songs with a twist.

ToNick is a pop-punk band formed by four aspiring young musicians: vocalist / guitarist Ar Hang, guitarist Siu Gwai, bassist Ryan, and drummer Sun Hei. Playful and energetic, their witty songs always drive the audiences into a complete frenzy.

Zpecial Zpecial is a local independent band established in September 2009. Comprised of Eddy Hong (Vocal+ Guitar), Tatming Lam (Bass), Zinchu (Drum), Mike Li (Lead Guitar) and Lee Tsan Ming (Supporting Guitar), the band was trained by local favourites ToNick and Kolor. In 2014 they won the “YAMAHA Asian Beat 2014”’s Hong Kong Division and represented the city in the finals in Japan.