Presenter & Producer

West Kowloon Cultural District Authority


Fieldwork Productions, Hong Kong Film Archive


Fieldwork Productions

Music Director

Steve Hui

Video Producer

Chan Wing Chiu

Video Editor

Lee Yat Fung


Composers and Performers

Turn of the Century

Shadow Kim (Vocal)


Colonial Impression

Chin King (Gu Zheng)


Gateway to China

Alain Chiu (Piano)


Wartime Turmoils

Shane Aspegren (Percussion)


Post-war Landscapes

Leung Yan Chiu (Sheng)


Work Hard & Play Hard

Dennis Wong (aka Sin: Ned) (Chapman Stick)


Fly High & Aspire

Sascia Pellegrini (Percussion)


Boom & Drain

Kung Chi Shing (Electric Viola)


Tensions & Passions

Wilmer Chan (Double Bass)


Networked Metropolis

Choi Sai Ho (Electronics)



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