Decade is an online and live cinematic and music journey through ten decades of Hong Kong (1890s – 2010s). By revitalizing archival moving images, edited into ten 5-minute clips paired with new scores by ten composers, Decade triggers new interpretations of a metropolis and juxtaposes the texture of its cityscape with the sentiments of the populace.

Opening with the familiar sights of Hong Kong’s skyscrapers, the droning electronic music leads us onto a bustling highway with colorful fireworks blossoming over the Victoria Harbour. This same harbour has once seen protests and riots, sickness and fear; billowing smokes from factories were once harrowing explosions by war bombings. The Chapman stick heralds in grainy footages of exciting parties and factory girls, whilst the sheng reminds us of a time of qipaos and the old Star Ferry pier. Behind the prosperous skyline seen from the rooftop in Infernal Affairs lies a forgotten period where students studied on rooftops and roamed bare-feet on the streets.

Decade takes us from the first moving-image of Hong Kong made my Thomas Edison in 1898, to the information highway of the internet.

The ten scores and clips is now uploaded to an online interactive platform where audiences can play the clips in any order at any time in any space to recreate their own interpretation of the cosmopolitan.

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